Most frequent questions and answers

To sign up, first register your account with your email. Once that is done, click the “Create profile” button (you can find it in the top menu) and fill in your profile. That’s it!

Psst… tip: you have one account and one profile. It is the profile our clients see, not your account details.

After you’ve signed up there are two ways of getting jobs.

  1. Clients can find and contact you on the site (we filter these messages first).
  2. We actively reach out to our clients and stay up-to-date on their needs and potential jobs. If we find some good options, we will then send you these jobs directly.

No effort is required on your side, just make sure to get good photos and a great feedback after each job.

Coming soon: Online job postings. Soon we will start posting job posts online as well. This will allow you to apply to them directly.

Apart from what the platform does, we also offer a range of additional perks and benefits:

  • Exclusive ModelWorld network events and photo shoots
  • SoMe content events, such as adventure training
  • Special discounts and free stuff from our collaboration partners

This is a good question, and one that is easy to get wrong. Our goal is not be an agency. In fact, we aim to promote good agencies and their models. Good agencies can provide personal guidance, support and much more. Should you find a good one, our general recommendation is that you join them. 

In fact, if you are an agency yourself, we hope you consider joining. We can provide extra jobs, income and clients. If a model is registered under your agency name, all contact, job requests and payments will be sent to directly to you, the agent/agency. 

We aim to provide a platform for all parties in the fashion industry to work and interact more efficiently and safer. This includes models, clients, agencies, photographers, stylists and all other industry players.

  • We don’t do exclusivity. Models and agencies are free to come and go as they please. 
  • We don’t have contracts with our members. 
  • We have a tech focus, not a personal focus. 

We don’t manage people, we connect them.

The most important part of your profile is to add good photos! After that, just make sure you do well on your jobs. Keep your feedback ratings and reviews good! Additionally, we award badges to our users regularly. 

For the photos, some tips would be:

  • Make sure we can see you clearly. Avoid things like sunglasses if possible.
  • Professional photographers usually look for at least one face photo (in color) and a full-body photo. For the full-body photo, use clothes that are form-fitting and simple. Jeans and a t-shirt are just fine. A smiling photo and a swimsuit* photo can also help. 
  • If you have professional photos, use them! Good lighting and a good photographer can make a huge difference. 

* A swimsuit photo is not required if you are not comfortable with it. You also need to be over 16.

Our aim to create a safer and better ecosystem for all parties. We take copyright very seriously. Remember to always only use images you have the rights to use. If you find any images that do not belong the model, or that she/he is not allowed to use, please report the profile to us so that we may remove the images in question. 

Try it out for free today! If you are happy with our services we take a 10% fee on future jobs. 

Your profile can be enhanced at any time through our badges. Some badges will help give you special privileges, invites to events and other fun things. Others help you to get more jobs. We regularly review profiles and award badges to our users. 

If there is a special badge you believe you deserve, send us an email!

For your privacy, we do not share your personal details online and filter all requests before they get to you. This is so you don’t get spam or non-serious requests.